Best Stainless Steel Travel Mug For Traveller

Stainless steel tumblers and travel mugs are novel personal accessories that have become integral in the lives of millions of people worldwide, particularly those that commute on an everyday basis. Even though slightly expensive that their plastic counterparts are, these accessories remain among the most sought-after for many reasons. Compared to plastic mugs, for instance, the quality stainless steel used to manufacture them is durable. It is also naturally BPA-free, scratch and dent resistant, and do not affect the flavor of beverages, whether hot or cold.

10. Carib Isles Stainless Coffee Travel Cup

Do you travel with beverages to work or school often? Are you tired of using your poorly built travel mugs that spills beverages all over your car during travel? If you have saved a few dollars to spend on a new mug and want a quality stainless steel model that offers value, this model by Carib Isles ranks among the best as per our review. It is ergonomic, leak-proof, and constructed using a durable and 100% BPA-free stainless steel that serves users well for years. Its double-walled construction keep hot beverages hot and cold ones cold, while its convenient wide mouthed design eases filling and cleaning. You also get a large 16-ounce interior, a leak-proof and dishwasher-safe plastic top, and lightweight construction.

9. Orange Petal White Coffee Travel Mug

Measuring 16-ounces, Orange Petal is a large and stylish white coffee travel mug with a durable double-walled stainless steel construction that lasts long. It is 100% BPA-free, has a tight-fitting leak-proof lid, and an aesthetic and low-maintenance white theme that most users consider invaluable. When in use, this mug guarantees heat retention (both hot and cold) for approximately 1.5 hours. Its ergonomic build is easy to carry and transport, while its integrated rubber strip creates a cool-touch barrier that also improves grip. The 18/8 stainless steel used to make its 100% food-grade, while its affordability makes it an ideal every day travel mug.

8. Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The West Loop by Contigo is an advanced stainless steel travel mug with an innovative auto-sealing design that lowers the risk of spills and burns. It is cheap, has an eye-catching Caribbean tans matter finish, and a large 16-ounce interior perfect for storing both cold and hot beverages. Its BPA-free lid eliminates leaks and spills. Its wide mouthed design is easy to clean, while its durable dishwasher safe build eases maintenance after usage. You also get a vacuum-insulated double wall design that maintains hot beverages for up to five hours and cold ones for up to 12 hours, an easy to carry design, and a compact body that fits onto most car cup holders and single serve coffee brewers. You will not regret purchasing one.

7. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Even though smaller (14 ounces) than most products reviewed herein, this vacuum insulated travel mug by Thermos is an advanced stainless steel accessory that works well for individuals of all cadres. For those that travel often, for instance, it is light, easy to carry, and has a standard design that fits most car cup holders. Its integrated vacuum insulating technology keeps hot beverages hot and cold ones cold, while its naturally food-grade stainless steel construction preserves the freshness and flavor of beverages for between four (hot) and eight (cold) hours. You also get a rubberized cool-touch handle for easier transportation, a tight-sealing BPA-free lid, and a carabineer for securing it on a bag or backpack.

6. Contigo Autoseal Randolph Stainless Steel Travel Mug

A top-rated brand globally, Contigo is home to functional travel mugs with this 16-ounce Randolph model ranking among the best in this niche. It is affordable, made of a rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel material, and has a durable double-walled construction that offers value for years. Its BPA-free lid is durable and leak-proof. Its placid blue finish is aesthetic, while its ability to maintain the freshness and flavor of hot and cold beverages for 4 and 12 hours respectively makes it a valuable travel accessory for both men and women of all cadres. You also get an advanced autoseal technology with an integrated lock, a dishwasher safe design, and a compact, light, and portable body recommended for travel.

5. LifeSky Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Coffee Mug

Popular in top 10 best stainless steel travel mug/tumbler reviews, LifeSky is a 16 ounce insulated travel coffee mug made of a food-grade stainless steel. It is durable, has an aesthetic purple and pink theme, and has a vacuum-sealed double wall construction that retains the temperature of beverages for up to eight hours. Its plastic lid is also BPA-free and has a vertical lid lock that prevents spills on all orientations. As such, whether you are traveling to work or school or lounging at home, you no longer have to worry about your beverage leaking, as is always the case when using poorly designed tumblers or mugs. Other notable attributes are its sleek and slim design that fits most standard car cup holders and the 12 months manufacturer’s replacement warranty Lifesky offers for original models.

4. NFL Metallic Travel Tumbler

Do you enjoy the NFL? Are you shopping for a premium travel mug that offers value? NFL by Great American Products is a durable stainless steel travel mug with an aesthetic sports-themed finish that users find invaluable. It measures 16 ounces, has an ever-cool black vinyl coating that protects its surface for scratches and the hands from heat or cold, and a hand-crafted standard design that fits in most car cup holders. Its tight-fitting cap is spill and leak-resistant, while its well-built wide-mouthed design not only eases top up, but also cleaning.

3. Thermos 16 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

By choosing this vacuum insulated travel mug by Thermos, you get a durable and functional every day accessory made of high-grade stainless steel. It has a stylish black theme, a patented vacuum insulation feature that keeps cold beverages cold and hot ones hot, and a sleek and portable design with several functional and unique features. Its Eastman Tritan lid, for instance, is leak-proof, BPA-free, and has a built in hook for fitting loose-leaf infusers and tea bags. It also has an easy to use one-hand push button system of operation and a dishwasher-safe design.

2. Contigo Autoseal West Loop

Featuring an easy to clean BPA-free lid and a durable 16-ounce stainless steel body, Contigo West Loop is a premium-grade travel mug with an innovative autoseal technology that lowers the risk of leaks and spills. It is affordable, black-themed, and has a unique double-walled construction that resists scratches, dents, and accelerated damage in general. With this mug, you will maintain the freshness and flavor of hot and cold beverages for 5 and 12 hours respectively.

1. Thermos Stainless Steel King

For those shopping for new travel mugs and want durable and high-capacity models that offer value, Thermos Stainless Steel King is our pick of the best for 2016. Even though cheap, this accessory is durable, has a striking midnight blue theme, and has a leak-proof drinklock sealing lid that prevents leaks and spills. Its outer surface stays cool to the touch. Its stainless steel exterior and interior do not rust nor corrode over time, while its hand washable design is easy to maintain.

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