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Run BTS! (달려라 방탄!; otherwise called Dallyeora Bangtan!) is an assortment web arrangement by BTS, broadcasting week by week and is offered with the expectation of complimentary survey on V LIVE, since scene 86 is additionally offered with the expectation of complimentary review on Weverse. The arrangement includes the individuals from BTS in groups (or individual) contends in various games or exercises.

The primary season circulated on August 1, 2015 each Tuesday, except if a scene of BTS Gayo was broadcasted. Following a one year break, a subsequent season was circulated on January 31, 2017, and since scene 23, it turned into a week after week show because of the creation of BTS Gayo finishing.

On December 26, 2018, a trailer for season three was posted, declaring the debut on January 1, 2019.

On April 13, 2020, the introduction for season three changed in accordance with the 100th scene and has since been being used. In 2020, Run BTS was delayed twice to air BTS' narrative arrangement Break The Silence, and unscripted TV drama BTS In the Soop.


"In the SOOP BTS Ver." ("soop" signifies "timberland" in Korean) happens in the forested areas, and the idea of the show is to invest energy doing exercises that are "some place in the middle of regular day to day existence and relaxation." The individuals will make their own timetables ahead of time and each invest time making the most of their diversions. In spite of the fact that the entirety of the individuals will each be doing various things, them seven will hobnob in a similar spot


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About BTS

South Korean-born band BTS are the biggest boy band in the world, topping the charts and setting records as they continue their current world tour. Millions of records have been sold worldwide in a few years, winning prizes, touring the world and buying tickets to see some of the hottest young music stars perform.


We even got an answer to that question from a remix with Nicki Minaj, but BTS “latest project was an extended love. In five years they have released three albums, four singles and a series of collaborations with some of the world’s greatest artists.
BTS was the first K-Pop act to achieve this feat, but it wasn’t all over, they were also the first to reach the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100 charts. They have stayed there ever since, making BTS one of the most successful K-pop acts ever to achieve the feat.

By combining love ballads and raps with current lyrics, BTS picked up on similarly aged fans and set them apart from K-pop’s industrial machine. The ARMY tweets helped make the band a global trend, appearing on US talk shows such as “The Talk” and “Talk Radio.” Korean music industry and saw that the record “Love Yourself Answer” became the first Korean album to be certified platinum in the U.S. BST has developed their identity over the years and incorporated various themes into their music.

BTS went to Hawaii for the second season of the adventurous “Bon Voyage,” where Jungkooks tans attracted so much attention that even his bandmates got his tans. Most fans believe that when BTS are together in the group’s music videos, they face harsh realities. Still, they’ve completed 21 episodes of “Run – In” this year and headed to Hawaii.


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The members of BTS were specially selected to complete a group of rappers, dancers and singers. Before joining the group, singer Jimin enrolled at Korea Arts High School in Seoul, but switched to Korea Arts High School after band mate V auditioned for BTS in Daegu. He had only a short time as a trainee before Bts made his debut and almost didn’t make the cut.

Jimin and J – Hope are the only members of BTS who share a room, and they say they want a big wardrobe that comes with a master. Jungkook may be “Maknae” for the other members of Bt, but he doesn’t really behave like one, he’s more like a friend.
BTS boss RM says he finds it very pleasant to be with Jin because it just shows his more sensitive side. K – dramas, but he never acted formally, so we saw how natural his acting skills are in many BTS music videos.
Jungkook has released a number of films shot during his time as a member of BTS, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the members. Although he mainly raps, J – Hope is also an exceptional singer, and he has shown off his skills in many of his music videos, such as his debut album “BTS.” After joining the boy band, he expanded his skills to include rapping and songwriting, thanks to the band’s discography.

BTS TV SHow Lists
BTS TV SHow Lists

BTS is a group of passionate fans who have spread across the globe and created one of the most famous pop groups you’ve ever seen. BTS tickets get TickPick to see the highest demand for tickets, so never miss the biggest pop group in the world. This helpful event calendar shows all upcoming Bts shows clearly and you won’t miss a single show, concert or special event on your schedule.

The seven-piece group consisting of Jungkook, Jin, Suga, J – Pop, Jungwoo, Rap Monster and Jin has grown beyond the boundaries of traditional K – Pop acts, as it has caused a sensation everywhere from Chile to California. BTS debuts as a group of seven young artists brought together by their lead singer Jin and songwriter Jin from South Korea.

BTS continue to release albums in Korean and Japanese and tour Asia in the years that follow, after their debut album “Korean Idol” was released in 2013. The guys stay fresh in ARMY’s hearts and minds and as one of the most successful K – Pop acts of all time stay fresh.

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