Kissasian/Dramanice New Sites and Download Tutorial

Kissasian - Dramanice
Kissasian – Dramanice

The popular drama website Kissasian and Dramanice updates the latest asian dramas with English Subtitle, creating a friendly interface that helps viewers understand and approach their favorite asian movies.

We publish new Kissasian & Dramanice website and video download tutorial for both in this article.



If you want to watch movies and dramas online you can visit to new address, if you want to know how to download video from kissasian and dramanice you can check it below

Drama websites continue to grow in popularity. Kissasian/Dramanice being the front runner in this over saturated niche. Their relative ease of use through on-demand viewing makes them a viable alternative to P2P file-sharing, which traditionally dominated the piracy arena.

The popular Kissasian drama website, or the Dramanice website, is one of the most used drama websites. With its versatility, Kissasian / Dramanice is always up to date with the latest movies and the simplest interface, which has built up a steady base of favorites millions of users over the years and has had many practical reviews. help web development from many users.

Not only creating the best TV drama website branding, but now adding Kissasian app and Dramacool app to help users get closer to the web as well as get the most interest of the app.

According to the latest online voting data, Kissasian is the best and most loved free movie website. The vote involved more than 24 million internet users and according to the latest results, 5 million people in the US, 6 million Malaisians and 3 million people in Asia voted the site mentioned as the good place. to stream the latest movies and TV shows.

If you haven’t visited the website yet, you will defiantly be in for a surprise at all the content you watch for free with ease and quality such as HD, UHD and 4k. . Especially, if you are a fan of Korean dramas, you cannot ignore this website Kissasian and Dramanice. In addition, the website also updates and monitors the latest dramas from Thailand, America, China and Asian countries, etc.

Also, the even more interesting news from the team is that the release is always refreshed, flexible to deliver quality streams consistent with the streams of the web. The Kissasian / Dramanice movie portal gives users access to watch multiple TV networks and more, giving everyone a multitude of channels to watch freely freely on a laptop, computer or right on. even smart phones. All channels increase ad-restricted high-quality HD streams at the time of this writing.

It will be exciting to see whats in store next for the team, there is no doubt it will match the quality of all there past releases.

Note: Kissasian closed

Kissansia – Dramanice Download Tutorial

Since the two new kissasian and dramanice sites share the same streaming movie system you can use the download instructions below for both.

Step 1

Visit new Kissasian or Dramanice site

Kissasian new site
Kissasian new site
Dramanice new site
Dramanice new site

Step 2

Pick up a drama or movies you want to download then press play button and you will see the player like picture below with the download icon.

Movies player
Kissasian player

Step 3

After clicking the download link you will be redirected to kissasian security check page. Complete the test by ticking the square and choosing the right pictures.

Dramacool test
Dramacool test

Step 4

After you pass the kissasian security check you will be taken to the site to download the video.

Dramacool download page
kissasian download page

You will see the download links then click the link  you want to save video. I recommend using mp4 link for the fastest possible download with best video quality.

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