Sperti Vitamin D D/UV-F KBD Review 2021

The Sperti Vitamin D Light Therapy Lamp delivers high levels of broad spectrum light, including UV rays. It relies on a rugged body design for top performance, but the unit requires extra care.

This broad spectrum sun lamp delivers something most light therapy lamps specifically avoid – UV light. UV light comes with many risks, but it also helps the body produce vitamin D. This sun lamp delivers a specific solution for those wanting to increase their vitamin D levels or treat certain skin conditions like psoriasis. This lamp comes with a few protective features to avoid overexposure, check new  Home Microdermabrasion Machine


Overexposure to UV rays can damage the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. For this reason, most sun lamps include diffusers and shields that restrict UV rays. This lamp does the opposite. It supports full UV exposure and mimics the appearance of natural sunlight.

Because you only need between five and 15 minutes of sunlight daily to produce adequate levels of vitamin D, there is no need to extend this type of light therapy treatment beyond 15 minutes. This lamp comes with a short timer with a maximum interval of five minutes. After it reaches the allotted time, it shuts off automatically. This short timer reduces the risk of overexposure and is an easy way to track more advanced treatments.

You can’t adjust light intensity with this lamp. Instead, it projects with maximum intensity at all times, and the manufacturer recommends a minimum distance of at least 15 inches to avoid burns. The lamp itself measures two feet tall, and it weighs nearly 15 pounds with the lights installed. The unit comes with a removable 8-foot cord.

Despite its powerful light levels, this sun lamp does not require a doctor’s prescription. The automatic shutoff control and durable construction serve as vital safety features, so you can use this as a therapeutic tool relatively often without much additional risk. Even with these features, the sun lamp produces potentially harmful levels of light and requires extra care during usage.

Electronic ballasts ensure a flicker-free experience. This style of ballast replaces the older magnetic style, which sometimes buzzed when the lamp was on. This ballast system also reduces the overall weight of the sun lamp and allows for easier mobility.

The Sperti Vitamin D Light Therapy Lamp features high-intensity bulbs that help with specific forms of therapy. The device includes several important safety features but requires some monitoring to avoid skin damage.

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