Top 10 Websites to Watch Korean Drama for free

Korean Drama Series are immensely popular across the globe and millions of people love watching them. Well, if you are one among those millions of Korean Drama fans and are looking for the best Korean Drama websites then this article might help you.

So here, in this article, we are providing you with the 20 Best Websites where you can download Korean Dramas and that too for free.

These websites also include the SRT or subtitles in English.

But before moving further we want to let you know the websites mentioned below specifically targets the Korean drama serials. This means only non-fiction shows should be included because there is no genre content such as romance dramas etc. These sites will not contain any news related articles which may have a negative effect on your viewing experience like rumors regarding future seasons. So don’t worry!

1. Kissasian

KissAsian is another very popular yet classic website that offers tons of Korean drama serials based on their category.

By this, we mean that categories related to action, emotions and love.

The best part about this website is that it’s very simple and clear. The layout is just perfect.

It allows the user to painlessly download Dramas without any hesitation.

It even offers movies and also the serials are being uploaded every day to keep the viewers up to date. This means there’s no doubt whether you have a favorite or not!


2. Dramafire

Dramafire is another very well reputed and highly acceptable website to download Korean dramas for free.

The serials played on the website are of HD (High Definition) quality.

The layout of the website allows for easy navigation between serials and dramas.

Talking about the best part the website is very competitive and provides free access to a wide variety of Korean dramas. You won’t have any problems finding it online or in bookstores, where they usually don´t carry many titles available from independent studios who don’t want their content being used as promotional materials without written consent from the studio themselves


3. NewasianTV

The next on the list is NewAsianTV.

As the name says it all, it is considered as the hub of all Korean, Japanese and Asian dramas. You can effortlessly find all downloadable Korean drama on this website.

The website offers a user-friendly design approach which ultimately makes it easier for the user to search and scroll for their respective series.

The only downside we found is that the website is not available in all countries. For example, South Korea has no site at present so you have limited options there with regards streaming information such if your favorite TV show was just dropped into its online version or even worse how many seasons are included when considering any specific release date during 2017.

4. Dramanice

“Dramanice” being the most beautiful layout website for kdrama download, steals everyone’s heart at first glance.

The white and pink combination of the website makes it unique as compared with others.

The website is packed with a variety of old and new Korean dramas and also have some subtitled videos in it.

So in our opinion, you must visit it at least once just by clicking on the name above. It’s not difficult to do this because there are no ads or any pop-up boxes either (except if your browser gives an error). All all these features will definitely make Dramaniac feel like real thing more than other fake ones such sites that I see everyday online.

5. Dramacool

The next on the list is “Dramacool”.

At first glance, it may look like a blog to you but this website offers a huge collection of Korean drama serials online.

Talking about the best part then the website allows you to stream high-quality Korean dramas for free.

The admins of the website are really working hard to keep their visitors up to date by updating the website with fresh new Korean drama content. And if that doesn’t do enough then there’s also various other features such as forum integration which means all your followers can join in too

6. MyasianTV

Last but definitely not the least on our list is “Myasiantv”.

It’s a very amazing website that unveils the best of the best in Korean dramas.

The classic view of the website adds up in the layout. It also attracts tons of visitors every month.

In some countries, it’s also one of the most trusted Korean drama sources.

They also offer their own application which ultimately keeps the user up to date about newly uploaded serials.

So in our opinion, you must try it once. If there’s something unique and fresh coming out from Korea with Myaustv, please click here

7. FastDrama

“FastDrama” is the fanciest website to download Korean dramas for free.

The combination of white and blue makes its layout appealing to numerous people and maybe this is the reason why there are millions of monthly visits on it.

The admins of the website always update it with new Korean drama serials list.

The website navigation is very clear but one can still choose for DramaFire over it.

At last, the site comes with no malware and it’s safe to surf it on the internet. All you need now is some browser that supports JavaScript support which in my opinion only Chrome users have (for Windows) or Firefox if you want to use “Safari extension”. You don’t even need a VPN; simply click Here If you’re using webmail at home check out our guide here. In conclusion, I really recommend your readers visit both sites above as they may be just what suits their needs best!

8. Drama3s

Drama3s is a perfect website for watching English sub Korean dramas. This content streaming site offers Korean, Chinese, Thailand, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas and movies.

Drama3s separately lists on-air and completed dramas. Some of the latest dramas that you can find on New Asian TV are Fatal Promise, Dinner Mate, Good Casting, Born Again, and Sweet Munchies. The best part about this service? You don’t have to log in or sign up manually because it’ll do everything automatically from your device

9. Dramago

Dramago is another very popular website to download Korean dramas for free.

It allows the user to search for top and super hit drama serials which essentially saves a hell lot of time of viewers.

At last, the website is famous for Korean Dramas and has a huge number of listed serials on its Homepage. So be sure that you check it out soon!

10. DramaGalaxy

Dramagalaxy is yet another popular website that unveils the best of the best in Korea dramas. When you feel like streaming live then this website can be your first option. I love the classic view of the site and there great collection of popular and newest Korea dramas. While streaming dramas from the site, you can also prefer to download their application to stay updated with tons of Korea dramas uploaded daily. They’re among the best, just give it a try and thank me later.
The service starts off slowly but once users are familiarized by what they’re doing, things take an interesting turn. This could mean one very nice set piece or someone who seems good at his job becomes so proficient on those particular characters as well.. What’s more than anything else about Korean drama fans these days? These sites bring out some outstanding entertainment for our eyes while we wait

Final Words

There’s no doubt that tons of websites out there offer a huge collection of Korea dramas for you to download, however, we’ve listed the best and probably the ones we know. it’s our recommendation and they offer high-quality Korean dramas with English subtitles. If perhaps we missed any of your favorite websites, then let us know using the comment box below!

Hope you had a nice day and enjoy these Korea drama download sites. Please like / follow/ share if u find them useful in terms s of viewing experience on TV!! ♥

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